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Is my face shape suited well with round glasses?

Are you wondering if round glasses will suit your face shape? You can read our guide here to know what a round pair of glasses can do to your appearance depending on your own specific features and whether or not you need to take any factors regarding them into consideration.

If you don’t know about your particular face shape, it’s all just a google search away. Just search for face types online and keep the shape you resemble the most in your mind. Here are a few of the most common face shapes:

  • Diamond Face Shape
  • Round Face Shape
  • Oval Face Shape
  • Heart Face Shape
  • Oblong Face Shape
  • Triangle Face Shape
  • Square Face Shape

Ideal Matches for round Eyeglasses

Here are the face shapes that are generally considered great for round Eyeglasses and can sport circular frames with ease. Learn more about them.

Diamond Shape:

Diamond-shaped facial structures and their chiseled features are most well-suited to go well with round eyeglasses. This is mostly due to their angular features and prominent cheekbones. Therefore, if you balance the size with proper fitting or even wear oversized round eyeglasses, you’ll look good regardless.

Square Shape:

Square faces also look great with round frames just like diamond-shaped ones. While other types of eyeglasses may give a square-shaped face an authoritative or aggressive look, round ones smoothen things out and give a more relaxed and informed look.

Triangle Face Shape:

Just like square and diamond-shaped faces, Triangle faces are also great for sporting a Round Eyeglasses frame. They complement their prominent jawlines if you select an option that’s a little bit wide.

Acceptable Matches

It may be challenging for the following face types to completely put on the look of round eyeglasses but it’s still acceptable with a few adjustments. Let’s find out about them.

Heart shaped face

The small chins and sloping jaws of heart-shaped faces might find round glasses a little tough to sport. This is mainly due to the fact that round frames might end up emphasizing these features rather than striking out a balance between them. So instead of complementing the natural looks, a heart shape face can look something odd with a round frame specially if the frames are bigger. Since heart-shaped faces usually have a broad forehead, it is recommended that you use glasses with a smaller, well-fitting frame to tone down its affects rather than emphasizing or amplifying it.

Oval and oblong face shape

Every frame style has a little problem adjusting with oval faces even though it’s one of the most good-looking attributes to have according to many. Despite that, nothing should stop you from at least trying on some round glasses for a change. Oblong faces can sport many frames but round frames should be worn with extra care.

Since an oval shape is the closest to being round-faced, make sure that the lens diameter and frame thickness doesn’t start making your face rounder than it actually is. On the other hand, if you select the correct sizes, it can even turn your face into a heart-shaped one by broadening the size of your forehead.

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